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I played games with the skills which are sprints.

The first game we played was an obstacle race. In the obstacle race there are cones, hurdles, star jumps, and skipping ropes. The aim of the game is to have the fastest time. The first obstacle I had to do was to go side to side for each cone. 

Next, Second obstacle for me was to do five star jumps. The third obstacle is to jump over the hurdles.  Then I had to just run to the next station which is the skipping ropes. I had to skip my way back to the start. The time I had was 26 seconds. 

Lastly, we played a game called infinity tag. In the game everyone was in, if you get that means you sit down, but if two people tag each other at the same time that means they have to do rock, paper, scissors. The loser has to sit down, the person who lost has to watch the person who tagged them so they can be able to stand back up if the person who tagged them is out.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do sprints. I did well on tagging people in infinity tag. I need to improve on being faster and getting a faster time.

Comment Thread

Comment threads are conversations about learning in the comment section. Comment threading is also used to help people on what they could approve and what they did well on. In a comment thread there are six things needed, the six things which are needed are a greeting, positive feedback, helpful feedback, thoughtful comment, making a connection, and asking a question about the learning which has been read.

A formal greeting is used for people that are not casual people to talk to and the greeting is used to have a nice welcome hello.

The positive feedback is used to stay positive towards other people and tell them what they did well on. The helpful feedback gives feedback on what to improve on.

Thoughtful comment helps people be thoughtful on what they did while playing or doing the activity they were doing. Making a connection is used to connect learning to other learning that was teached from someone. Asking a question is used to tell what they did while playing and make them think back on what they did while playing or doing the work. 

Comment threads are used to help people what to improve on or are used to create a conversation.

Shot Put

I learned shot put techniques. The three shotput techniques are using three fingers.

First I practised the first technique. The first technique I learned was to put three fingers on the ball. The second technique was to put it onto my neck. Third skill I learnt was the stance of the shot put. 

Next I practised using the skills in shot putting the ball to my partner. Joe was helping me still trying to get into the right position and how to throw the ball. 

Last I got it right on the stance, and how to throw the ball. I was doing big throws. I almost hit someone in the face because I was not aiming properly.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do shot put. I need to improve on throwing the ball straight. I did well on the stance.


I learned jumping skills. 

First we did a little bit of sprinting. We first revised what skills to use for running. First we start off on running to the coach. After running to the coach we practised running to the orange cones. Then we had a ball behind our back foot, the aim of the game is to not touch the ball when the coach says go.

Next I watched the girls have a run to the oranges and cones and to the coach. We needed to watch the girls if they touch the ball with their foot that is behind when they run. We started doing runs to the fence. I started off by using long legs at the start then ran with all my strength. 

After that, we did long jumps. The point of the jump is to jump as far as you can. I used one foot when I jumped because when I got to the end of the cones I might stop and jump with two of my feet causing me to lose all my momentum.  

Last I had to run to the cone, my feets had to be right next to the cones. From making me fall down when I jump I have to do a squat. We last played a game, wherever you land is the amount of points you get. We could not finish the game because it started raining.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do long jumping. I need to improve my long jumping. I did well on sprinting.


I learned sprinting skills.

First we played rats and rabbits. There are two teams, one person is a rabbit and the other person is a rat. When the coach calls out rabbits the rats have to run from the rabbits. If the coach calls out the rats the rabbits have to run from the rats.

Next we played a game of tic tac toe. In the game there were two teams with three cones each, The two teams had to try and connect a three. The coach was trying to look for people with speed, and how smart they are where to put it. 

Next we did boys all the boys vs eachother. The coach said on your mark get set and go. Everyone else had a headstart because I was still getting ready but I still came first in the race. Then we watched the girls race each other.

Lastly, we did relay races. Riley came first so we had a head start of running to the other side. We came first in the relay race.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do sprints. I did well on catching up to people when they had a head start. I need to improve on focusing on me rather than the others behind me.


I learned t-ball.

First we had a warm up. With the t-ball bat we hit it hard to run to one base and repeatedly. 

Next we played a real game of t-ball, we were the people who caught the ball. all of us decided where to stand before they hit the t-ball.

Last we swapped around to be the batters. we were losing from each other. For us to win I needed to get a home run for everyone. I used all my strength hitting the ball hard and I hitted the ball far, our team won because I got a home run. 

I enjoyed this activity because I got to play t-ball. I did well on getting a home run for our team to win.


I learned volleyball skills. The volleyball skills we learnt was setting, digging, and serving.

First I practised a set. The volleyball needs to be above my head to do a set to my partner. To do a set I use my fingers to push the ball up. I tried doing as many sets as I could with my partner. 

Next I practised digging. To do a dig I need to stretch my hands out forward and keep my hands together. I have to hit it with my arm but not my wrist or hands because it hurts my hands.

Then we played a game using both skills. Our team has to hit the ball, everytime our team hits the ball we say a letter, we have to say the whole alphabet until we say that many times for each alphabet. 

Lastly, we played a game of volleyball. The serving person needs to hit the ball over the net for the other team to hit it back to the team that serves. Our team was communicating but we still lost.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned volleyball skills. I did well on setting the ball. I need to improve on digging the ball over the net.


I learned passing with a netball.

First I learned passing. To pass the netball I need two hands on the ball. Then I push my hands forward and let go. When the attackers are with the ball the defenders need to be one metre apart from the attacker with the netball. 

Then we played a game. There are two attackers and two defenders. The defenders needed to defend their hoop so the other team wouldn’t shoot into the hoop. To have an open goal, move around so you have space to shoot. 

Next we played a game of robbing the nest. In the game there are two teams trying to get it into the other hoop. If all the four balls were in the other hoop we won. I did good on communicating to pass the ball to each other. 

Lastly, we played a game of dodgeball because it was starting to rain. The game we played was jedi dodgeball. In the game there is a jedi, if the jedi gets hit the other team wins. 

I enjoyed this activity because I got to learn new skills of dodgeball. I need to improve on my passing with the netball. I did well on communicating with my teammates.

Ripper Rugby

I learned ripper rugby skills.

First I practised passing the ball.To pass the ball you need to use the hand that you use the most at the bottom of the ball. Your other hand on the top of the ball by the side.

Then we played a game using the skill of passing. We had to move up but the person with the ball would be infront of the two others so it would not be a forward pass. After getting to the other side we had to walk again while passing the ball.

Last I played a game called ripper. In ripper tag there was a sqaure we had to stand in, if we went out we are out of the game. In ripper tag your will have to tags by you waist. If someone ripped one tag off that means they will need to go for the other tag, if both tags are ripped you are out.

I enjoyed this because I got to practised even more passing. I need to improve passing it to there waist. I did wel on cacthing.

Dodge ball

I played dodgeball.

First we played jedi dodgeball. The coach told us all the rules in the game. At the start of the game I had to touch the wall. If someone from the other team hits you with the ball the jedi can tag you on the shoulder to join back in the game. If you catch the ball you just keep playing. I threw the ball to a lot of people making them out. Our team won one game on jedi dodgeball.

Then we played elimination dodgeball. If someone has a ball and they hit another ball with it they stay in the game. If the other team catches the ball the person who threw the ball is out. I got out by throwing too high, causing the other team to catch the ball. Our team won two games playing elimination.

Lastly, we played traditional dodgeball. If someone was out they would be the first person in the line. If someone in their team catches the ball the first person in the line would be in the game. We did some great catches when the other team threw the ball.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to play jedi dodgeball. I need to improve on throwing the ball and aiming. I did well on catching the ball.