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Diwali Celebration

LI: To use your smart searching skills to find out what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world.

Our challenge was to write create a DLO that tells others what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world. Something I found interesting was the nice patterns that were used, also the colors were very  interesting since they only use bright colors for there designs.

I found this activity fun because I learnt facts about a new celebration.

Kauri Die Back

LI: To gather statistics and protect the Kauri Tree from getting the Kauri Disease.

The following week after camp we did a research about the Kauri Dieback. Then we created a DLO about the Kauri Disease on how we can prevent it from destroying our nature. Though we can do things such as… to stop the disease from killing our tree. 

I found this activity interesting because I got find out more and learn more about a kauri die back.

Moko-Ika-Hikawaru Taniwha

L.I: To lear about te traditional history of the Tamaki River.

We hand drawed a taniwha. The taniwha we were hand drawing was Moko-Ika-Hikawaru.

In the history of the tamaki river there was a taniwha called Moko-Ika-Hikawaru. Moko-Ika-Hikawaru was from the Ngati Paoa Tribe. This taniwha had eight tails. After learning a little bit of the tangiwha we got some ideas on how our taniwha is gonna look like and where it is gonna be in the moment. After doing our taniwha we did our detail to make it look good.

I found this activity interesting and fun because I got learn a little about the history of the Tamaki River. Also it was fun because we got to hand draw the taniwha.

Camp Collage

LI: To create a collage of photos to represent our experience at Kokako Lodge. Also showing what we had done in the past.

I made a collage about our camp. 

 A collage is putting a lot of photos together, this makes a piece of art of yourself. The collage I made was photos of me at Kokako Lodge camp. The reason we were able to take photos was because brang phones, which were given out to each group. We all took photos for each activities

Afterwards, we used the photos we took to make our collage. The collage was fun to make because of the things we did for the activities. If I was able to go to camp again I would go.

I enjoyed this activity because we can have memories of ourselves when we went camping.

Tamaki River and the Amazon River

LI: To identify and describe the features of the Tamaki River

I learned interesting things about the Tamaki river and the Amazon river.

First we made a google draw showing the body parts of the Tamaki river. The body parts of the Tamaki river are the mouth, meander, source, tributary, and the exteriorial arm. Also explaining about what is a river. We then presented our Tamaki river presentation.

Next we had to find all the body parts of the famous Amazon river. We also explained the body parts of all of the body parts of the Amazon river.

We found this activity interesting because I learned new things about each river.


Treaty of Waitangi

LI: To explore the world in 1840 and the art of the Treaty

This week we learned what they would have been like in 1840. Did you know that the Treaty of Waitangi would have been cancelled because of William Hobson being sick. After this we identified some of the key people and their role in the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. I found it interesting that there was still slavery in America in 1840, it still carried on for another 25 years. We then gathered all our information to help us read the event of the Treaty of Waitangi. Then we looked at the picture seeing what could be happening at that time of the event.

However the image above was an impression of Marcus King , the painter of the picture. It was nearly a hundred years of his impression but it was only 98 years of the impression.

Two Combined Transportation

I created a transportation vehicle which uses two different forms, seas and land. 

First I wrote the pros and cons about the first modern vehicle and the first ever vehicle for each transportation which are sea, land, air, and rail. The two transportation I combined was land and sea. The purpose of my transportation is to  be able to have a car that is able to land and then turn into a kind of a boat.

Next I had to label the parts of  my transportation vehicle. Also I wrote an explanation about my transportation vehicle.

Car Transport

I drew a car that has different kinds of transport.

First we wrote ideas on pros and cons on each car transport for the 4 four modes of transport, the four transportation vehicles are land, air, sea, and rail.

Lastly I drew my own car showing three modes of transportation. The three modes of transport I used for my car are air, sea, and land. 

I enjoyed this activity because I drew a car. I need to improve on making my car look better. I did well on adding pros and cons for modern cars.

Train Facts

I learned about rail and stakeholders. 

First, I learnt the meaning of stakeholders. Stakeholders means when somebody has meant a new invented technology. investing it for more money than they had to use to make the bottles. The vehicle about rail that I was learning about was trains. 

Next, I had to find 10 facts about trains.  I searched facts about trains. One of my facts were, did you know the world record of the fastest speed of a train is 574.8 kmph. One of the interesting facts I found out about was did you know China had over 99,000 miles of railroad tracks in 2017.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned about stakeholders. I need to improve on fact checking my facts. I did well on using the right keywords for finding out information I needed.


Pros and Cons

I learned pros and cons. I used pros and cons for sea vehicles.

First I wrote ideas on why a crew ship and gallys are good and what a crewships and gally’s need to improve on. Then Mrs White asked the class if they would go on a gally or a crew ship. Mostly everyone picked a cruise ship because it is fancy to be on and I also agreed on being on a crew. 

Next, Mrs White brought up a scenario for people to really think about if they really would want to go on a cruise ship. Mrs White said “what if you had a budget and the budget was 10,000 dollars. Would you rather go on a cruise ship that costs 8,000 to go on it and spend the rest in Mexico. Or go on a gally and only spend 500 dollars to get to Mexico. I thinked about how I picked the galley.

Lastly, I wrote pros and cons for a ship and a jet ski. I had to write down as many as I can for both vehicles. I did four pros for my jet ski and five cons for my jet ski. Also on my ship I did four pros and for cons I did five.

There are many pros and cons for vehicles.