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LI: To follow the instructions to make your own origami diya (diva lamp).

The photo above shows my origami diya (diva lamp). Our first challenge was to watch the video that shows how to fold an origami diya (diva lamp). Before we could start we needed to use a ruler to measure a 20cm square piece of paper to make our own origami square. I found this challenging because because it was very heard to do some steps.

I found this activity fun also because I got to collaborate with my group.

Diwali Celebration

LI: To use your smart searching skills to find out what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world.

Our challenge was to write create a DLO that tells others what Diwali is and how people celebrate around the world. Something I found interesting was the nice patterns that were used, also the colors were very  interesting since they only use bright colors for there designs.

I found this activity fun because I learnt facts about a new celebration.

The Inchcape Rock

LI: To find and summarise the story behind the poem.

The main characters of this poem are Sir Ralph 

(Captain of the boat), Abbot of Aberbrothock (The owner of Inchcape Rock). This poem is about a person named Abbot of Aberbrothock and placed a bell. Another person named Sir Ralph wanted to cut off the bell because Aberbrothock was being blessed to much. Then Sir Ralph cut off the bell and went off to steal more treasure to become rich. Then the weather became windy and rainy. Then his boat crashed into Inchcape Rock, the waves rushed side to side on his boat. The last thing he heard was the sound of the devil ringing his knell.

Our challenge was to unpack the story behind the 17 verses of the poem Inchcape Rock by Robert Southy. The part I found interesting was the sound of the bell under the seas because it was very strange to hear.

I found this activity very interesting because of the new story I heard about  Sir Ralph.

Research about Scurvy

LI: To understand what a balanced diet looks like and why it is important for human health.

For our first Inquiry topic for Term 2 we did a study about what a scurvy is, how can people get affected, and what can we do to avoid it. We wrote did you know facts to help us be able to learn about scurvy such as, Did you know…? Scurvy is caused by lack of Vitamin C for at least 3 months. I was mostly common for pirates/sailors.I found this activity interesting because I got to learn about vitiman C and why it is important to eat your vegies.

Main Ideas

L.I To identify the main ideas in the text

This week we have been learning how to find and collaboratively decide on the main idea in a text by negotiating. We read the text Lester and Clyde. This was a text about the consequences of pollution. Our group think the main idea was pollution always has a cause and effect towards you and the enviorment. 

We found this activity interesting because we had to agree on what are the important ideas.






Shuttle Orbiter Quiz

I learned how to make a quiz.

First I had to plan out with my group on whos doing what. We had to see what order the questions go in for our quiz to be perfect to do. We also reasearched on the answers so were able to make sure that the answers are right, we were kinda struggling on trying to find the right answer.

Next we started to add all our planning stuff onto our quiz. I also needed to find out how to do coding for our quiz so I asked Mr Wong for help about how to code. After doing everything that was needed we tested the quiz for it to be good. After thinking its good we showed Mr Wong our quiz. At the end it needed a few fixs for it to be good.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to reasearch a lot about shuttle orbiters. I did well on my coding.

Interactive Report

We were working on an interactive quiz.

First we planned everything out, everything and all the steps and who’s gonna do what.

Next we started looking for information. For example, like the users, the purpose, stakeholders and more information about the shuttle orbiter.

Lastly we added the answers and the wrong answer. Also all the links for them.

I enjoyed this because I got to make a quiz. I did well on making more questions. I need to improve on finding information and the answers.



I did a podcast about shuttle orbiters which tells about the good things about the shuttle orbiter and the bad things

First We researched information about shuttle orbiters. I had to find information about the good and bad things about the shuttle orbiter. I was talking about the bad things that happened about when the shuttle orbiter crashed.

Next, we wrote notes down to remember what to say. I wrote down the good things in my speech and kept on saying it to remember my lines for the audio. 

Then we recorded our group saying our lines for the recording. 

I enjoyed this activity because I did a podcast about if shuttle orbiters are good or bad. I need to improve on not mumbling. I did well on finding information for my good side.


SSR Selfie

The task I have done was hot dog.

Hot dogs friend’s and him packed up swimming gear but they had a mistake they were going to Snowville island because pizza came up on the tv and then Kev must’ve  mistaken to press the wrong booking ticket. 

I enjoyed this activity because I got to read about hot dog. I need to improve on finishing my task quickly. I did well on reading about hot dog.


I learned lots of stuff about this book.

Raina wanted a sister when she was young. She was a big sister and her little sisters name was Amara, she always wanted to play with her sister but her sister was a angry and grouchy little sister.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to read about this book. I need to improve on skimming and scanning. I did well on reading for 15 minutes.