Tag: Summer Learning Journey

Trickshot SLJ

I did a trick shot for SLJ.

First I picked what trickshot I was going to do first. The trickshot I picked was keep moving back everytime I get it in the hoop for basketball. It was kind of hard for me to get it in the hoop for the fourth shoot because it was to far for me to throw so I had to do a granny shot.

After doing my video I checked if it was good to use. The reason why I got the first three in because my friend told me to use my wrist to shoot the ball in. I could not of got the video because I forgot what phone I used to use.

I enjoyed this activity because this was challenging. I need to improve on remembering to use my wrist to shoot if I am close to the hoop. I did well on shooting it into the hoop.

Treasure Hunt

I had to find things around my class for the summer learning joureny.

First I had to skimm and scann to find the keywords for the treasure hunt list. I had to find different things around the classroom. This task was quite easy because it was easy to find straight away.

Next I had to check if I had everything that is needed. After checking if everything is needed. I needed to lay out everything that is needed so I was able to take the photo. I took the photo after laying it all out.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do summer learning journey. I need to improve on checking if I everything because a photo even though did not have everything. I did well on finding everything quick.

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