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American Football

I revised American football passing.

I first learned how to hold a football. To hold a football you need your finger that is next to your pinky. Then you hold the ball with your other hand. And you count 3 laces down. Then you put your finger on the third lace and put your other thumb on the other side of the football.

First we played a game of piggy in the middle while using passing. In the game there will be one person in the middle. The person in the middle has to try and catch the ball or get the ball from the two people who are throwing the ball to eachother. If the person with the ball does a bad throw and the person in the middle get the ball that means they are in the middle.

Next we played another which is piggy in the middle. Everyone gets in a circle and there are three taggers. If the taggers catch the ball the person that throw the ball is in the middle. I was not allowed to pass it to the person next to you.

I enjoyed this acitivity because I got to revise passing. I need to improve on throwing the ball. I did well on catching.