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Comment Thread

I revised comment threading.

First I revised the six things that are needed in a comment thread. The six things that are needed are a greeting, thoughtful comment, connection, more information, a question, and lastly a farewell. 

Next I need to reply to the comment that was on the blog post. The response is when the other person responds to the comment that was on the comments.

I enjoyed this activity because I revised how to comment threads again for cybersmart. I did well on my questions. I need to improve on remembering to use the six things.


Kawa of Care

The kawa of care is teached to parents and kids to keep our chromebooks safe for learning.

It is important to remember to not eat or drink on your chromebook for it to be in a good condition to be ready to learn. crumbs and oily stuff will damage your chromebook. Always make sure to hold your chromebook the right ways you have been taught. To hold a chromebook you need to use your thumb and pinky to hold the sides of the chromebook. Then use your other fingers to secure the front and the back.

Make sure to always put your chrome book on a flat surface, do not put it on stuff that is made for stuff to keep warm, the reason why you should not put it on stuff to keep stuff warm is because the heat of the chromebook is supposed to flow but if you leave on something warm it will make the heat go back and forward to your chromebook. Also don’t leave it in your case in case it overheats your chromebook. 

While plugging your charger into your chrome make sure to not put it the charger hold as an angle. Plug it in straight. When trying to pull your charger out make sure to not wiggle the charger while pulling it out because it could break your charging hole.

Always remember to take care of your chromebook for it to be used for a long time in a great condition.

Bad Situations

Bad situations are situations that are dangerous for your safety.

One of the most dangerous situations is phishing. Phishing is when people send clickbait messages making you be in a scam. This could happen in different kinds of apps, for example, youtube. The solution is to just ignore it.

The second situation that can be dangerous is scamming. scamming is when people are tricking you to give something for free. For example, “can I have money I will give you something expensive”. The situation is to just ignore the person.

The third situation that can be a bad situation is posting private information. Posting private information is when people ask you for information that is private. For example, your address and password. The situation is to get your parents in contact with each other.

It is important to do something about a bad situation in case it gets worse.


There are many different kinds of situations on communication apps.

Good comments have things telling the creator what they could add or what they might need to make in their content better. For example, Part 2 pls. 

Bad comments could be a bad situation for other people and for the person who made the video. For example, “get a life, Bozo”.

There are comments that could be neither. Neither comments can be a good situation or a bad situation. It depends on what the situation is about.

There are many different kinds of comments depending on the situantion.

Poilite Email

I learned how to write a polite email and how to join a google meet.

First I turn off my mic when you join the call, also remember to turn your camera when you join a google meet, because it is polite. Make sure to raise your digital hand when you want to speak.

Next I wrote my subject, a subject is needed to tell the reader what it is about. Then I wrote my body, the body tells what you need help.Last I wrote my Farewell and my signature.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to revise how to write a polite email. I need to improve on always writing my subject first. I did well on putting my digital hand up when I want to talk.


Audience means a group of people gathered to receive information. Different kinds at audiences are indivisual, group, and everyone.

Individual apps that you are able to talk to one person. For example, Text, it is an individual because you are able to talk to one person.

Groups are apps that people can talk to each other as a group. For example, zoom, it is a group app because you can talk to people as a group. 

Everyone has apps that people are able to use to show something or present something. For example, tik tok, it is a everyone app because everyone in the world can see it or look at it.

Communication means passing ideas and thought between each other.






























Communicating Apps

Communicating is passing ideas or thoughts to each other.

You can communicate to people by using an app to talk. For example, Facetime is an app where you can contact people.

Tik tok is a communicating app because you can make videos to people or message people.

Gmail is a communicating app because you can send videos, messengers, and photos.

Snapchat is a communicating app because you can make videos, send messengers, and take photos.

These are a couple of apps that you can use to communicate.


Email traffic

I learned to write a polite, informative email.

I first learned what I use in a polite email. To send a email to someone you use a greeting and a subject.

Next I revised to use a compund sentence or a simple setence in my email.

Last I sign off. For example from Densyn.

I enjoy this activity because I got write about my email traffic. I need to improve looking at my email more. I did well because I used a greeting in my email sentence.

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