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Collaborative Art

LI:  To use different types of warm and cool colours to recreate a world-known painting from Van Gogh.

This week’s art is about Van Gogh and his famous art piece “The Starry Night”. The Class was divided into 2 groups of 16 people, 1 of each group remade “The Starry Night” in warm colours and cool colours digitally. Each group divided 16 pieces of the Starry Night with each person in the group. Working as a collaborative team we gathered all or pieces to 1 DLO to finally reach our desired outcome. I found this activity interesting because we all had to try and find the mtaching colours and the same size of the lines.

Anzac Quatrefoil

I created a quatrefoil about ANZAC.

I first practised hand drawing my crosses on a scrap piece of paper. I drew five crosses the same size and one big cross.

Next I measured how much space my crosses will take to hand draw and measure the size of the crosses.

Then I started drawing my crosses on my quatrefoil but I pushed lightly on my quatrefoil Incase I’ll make a mistake.

Last I colored everything in. My background was red for my quatrefoil and my five crosses of the outline were black.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to hand draw my quatrefoil. I need to improve on measuring my crosses. I did well on making my crosses the same size.

Anzac Quatrefoil

I learned how to make a ANZAC quatrefoil.A

First I learned what anzac stands for. ANZAC stands for Austalia New Zealand Army Corp.

Next I searched up on google silhouette soliders for my anzac quatrefoil.

Last I put all my silhouette images onto my ANZAC quatrefoil.

I enjoy this activity because I got to learn what anzac stands for. I need to improve on learning more about ANZAC. I did well on figuring out ideas for my quatrefoil.

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