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Pros and Cons

I learned pros and cons. I used pros and cons for sea vehicles.

First I wrote ideas on why a crew ship and gallys are good and what a crewships and gally’s need to improve on. Then Mrs White asked the class if they would go on a gally or a crew ship. Mostly everyone picked a cruise ship because it is fancy to be on and I also agreed on being on a crew. 

Next, Mrs White brought up a scenario for people to really think about if they really would want to go on a cruise ship. Mrs White said “what if you had a budget and the budget was 10,000 dollars. Would you rather go on a cruise ship that costs 8,000 to go on it and spend the rest in Mexico. Or go on a gally and only spend 500 dollars to get to Mexico. I thinked about how I picked the galley.

Lastly, I wrote pros and cons for a ship and a jet ski. I had to write down as many as I can for both vehicles. I did four pros for my jet ski and five cons for my jet ski. Also on my ship I did four pros and for cons I did five.

There are many pros and cons for vehicles.

Air Transport Timeline

Timelines show when was veheciles were invented. Transporting means taking someone or something to one place to another place.

It is important to check if your facts is right and when it was invented. For example, Everyone likes choclate, This is not true because not everyone likes choclate. Always remember to use commercial and other license.

Air transport is trasport in the air.


Modern Car and Benz Patent Motor Wagon

In the olden days people did not use stuff we used now in the present days.

There are different body parts from an olden car, but now days they use different body parts. The first ever car is called Benz Patent Motor Wagon. This car does not tak you very far.

The model cars have license plates unlike the days in the past. The first ever car did not have windows, doors, and indicators. The first ever gasoline car is Benz Patent Motor Wagon.

Cars are used to transport things or people and take you one place to another.


I learned what transportation is. The four ways to transport is air, land, rail, and sea.

First I learned the meaning of transportation, transporting is something that takes you from one place to another. The four transporting mode are air, rail, land, and sea. 

Next I found images for each transportation mode,  I attributed the images I found for each mode. The four things I needed for an attribute is a pixabay licence, creator, website, and creator account.`

Last I was specific with my writing. I tried finding interesting facts about the vehicle I have learned about for air, land, sea, and rail.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned trasportation. I need to imrpove on finding interesting facts. I did well on attributing the images.


I learned a skit. 

First I learned what a skit is. A skit is a performance similar to a play. For a skit it needs a message, problem and a solution, script, character, description, and a setting. 

Next we wrote as many messages as we know for our performance. For our message it was, hard work always pays off, we then picked the characters for the performance. 

Lastly we wrote the actions and what the characters are gonna say for the performance. I practised with my group saying our lines for the play.

Story Types

Cultural stories have different story types.

The story types there are myth, legend, fairy tale, and fable.

A myth tells people how natural things work.

A legend tells about events or people. 

A Fairy tale tells stories involving fantastic creatures or forces.

Last of all a fable tells a lesson for other people to learn.

Cultural stories always have different stories about their culture or other peoples culture.

Cultural Stories

I learned different cultural stories.

First I read a short story that is short so I can finish reading to summeraise. I searched up where the story was from. I made layers for each story so I can see what country the story was from. 

Next I made layers for each story so I can see what country the story was from. For example, The Legend of the Beast Nian. This story was made in China.

Last I summeriased the text in fewer words. I next tried to find a photo or a video of the book. One of the main things that can be found in the book is Myth, Legend, Fairtayles, and Fables.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to learn new cultural stories. I did well on reading the text. I need to improve on summeriasing the stories.


I learned abouut bees.

First I made my slide deck. In my slide deck I have to tell facts and things about bees. I told why bees are important, “bees are important because we would not be able to live without flowers and plants that is why bees are important”.

Next we wrote the script so when we come to recording we would know what to say.

Last we recorded as a group saying our lines.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to record. I need to improve on practising my lines. I did well on making the slides.