Pros and Cons

I learned pros and cons. I used pros and cons for sea vehicles.

First I wrote ideas on why a crew ship and gallys are good and what a crewships and gally’s need to improve on. Then Mrs White asked the class if they would go on a gally or a crew ship. Mostly everyone picked a cruise ship because it is fancy to be on and I also agreed on being on a crew. 

Next, Mrs White brought up a scenario for people to really think about if they really would want to go on a cruise ship. Mrs White said “what if you had a budget and the budget was 10,000 dollars. Would you rather go on a cruise ship that costs 8,000 to go on it and spend the rest in Mexico. Or go on a gally and only spend 500 dollars to get to Mexico. I thinked about how I picked the galley.

Lastly, I wrote pros and cons for a ship and a jet ski. I had to write down as many as I can for both vehicles. I did four pros for my jet ski and five cons for my jet ski. Also on my ship I did four pros and for cons I did five.

There are many pros and cons for vehicles.

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