Month: November 2022

What is the Time

Time can be measured in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. There are differences between digital time and an analogue clock and digital clock. 

Analogue time is used to tell time also digital time. There are two hands on the clock. The long hand tells minutes, the hour hand tells the hours. A full day is 24 hours. PM stands for night and AM stands for day time. The time in words can be different when it is said. 

Digital time is on technology objects. For example, Chromebooks, Phones, and Ipads. 

There are different ways to tell time.

Being Inclusive to Others

I learned to be inclusive to others.

First I had to make up a story about being inclusive. For example, “Hey, wanna play with us”. “No”. You sure you want to play with us”? Ok I will play with you’s. “Ok”.

Next, I wrote the benefits of including others into games. For example, meeting new people helps you to have the confidence to ask if you wanna play with others.

I enjoyed this because I learned the benefits of including people. I need to improve on not being shy to ask to play with people. I did well on writing the benefits of including people.

Narrative Planner

One of the narrative structures is TOPES. TOPES stands for tittle, orientation, problem, events, and solution.

The title tells what the topic is about.  The orientation tells the main characters and also tells where the main characters are in the story. Problem tells what is the problem to the story. Events tells verbs, detail by every character, Solution tells what solves the problem to the story.or the movie. All stories and movies don’t have happy endings. 

Paragraphs and narratives and different to each other. Also one of an narrative structure is TOPES. Also one of an Paragraphs is an recount which stands for TREE.

SSR Selfie

The task I have done was hot dog.

Hot dogs friend’s and him packed up swimming gear but they had a mistake they were going to Snowville island because pizza came up on the tv and then Kev must’ve  mistaken to press the wrong booking ticket. 

I enjoyed this activity because I got to read about hot dog. I need to improve on finishing my task quickly. I did well on reading about hot dog.

Informal and Formal Writing

Informal is language we use personally or to people we know. Formal is addressing people.

Informal language is used to apply for jobs. For example, using language for jobs and interviews. Also used for sending texts and video chat for something that is important.

Formal is used for friends you know and for family members. sending texts to friends and video calling with friends.

Formal and Informal are two different things because of the word in front of informal and formal having no in front of formal.


Train Facts

I learned about rail and stakeholders. 

First, I learnt the meaning of stakeholders. Stakeholders means when somebody has meant a new invented technology. investing it for more money than they had to use to make the bottles. The vehicle about rail that I was learning about was trains. 

Next, I had to find 10 facts about trains.  I searched facts about trains. One of my facts were, did you know the world record of the fastest speed of a train is 574.8 kmph. One of the interesting facts I found out about was did you know China had over 99,000 miles of railroad tracks in 2017.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned about stakeholders. I need to improve on fact checking my facts. I did well on using the right keywords for finding out information I needed.


Basic Facts Boxes

I did basic facts boxes in times tables.

My time was 3 minutes and 37 seconds. I did my basic facts boxes in times tables.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do basic facts boxes in times tables. I need to improve on being faster on my times tables. I did well on getting the answers right.


I learned about perimeter.

First I learned the meaning of perimeter. The meaning of perimeter is measuring the outside of the area. You have to predict the metres or the cms of the area you are measuring. The area I was measuring was in metres because it was in a metre. For example: our class mat is measured in cm (centimetre). We measured our school field. The measurement for the school field is 201 metres. Our guess was 150.33 – 190 metres. We were 11 metres off.

Next I had to go to the google map. and try to figure out the right measurement. The measurement of the field is 100 metres. Our guess was also 100 metres.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to measure the outline of the field. I need to improve on trying to measure the right side. I did well on guessing the measurement.

Fear of Heights

I told a story about a time I was scared or shy about. 

First I thought about a time that I was scared or shy about. My story was about me going up to the top of the rock climbing. I had a thought on who motivated me to jump down. I did not want to jump because I am afraid of heights. 

Next, My motivational sentence was from my mum. My mum said, “if you jump I will give you lollies”. I jumped because I wanted some lollies. I found a picture showing about my topic that I was scared of or what I was shy of. 

I enjoyed this activity because Mr Wong told a scary story that was entertaining. I did well on being motivated from the words my mum had said. I need to improve by taking risks and just jumping.