Year: 2022

Trickshot SLJ

I did a trick shot for SLJ.

First I picked what trickshot I was going to do first. The trickshot I picked was keep moving back everytime I get it in the hoop for basketball. It was kind of hard for me to get it in the hoop for the fourth shoot because it was to far for me to throw so I had to do a granny shot.

After doing my video I checked if it was good to use. The reason why I got the first three in because my friend told me to use my wrist to shoot the ball in. I could not of got the video because I forgot what phone I used to use.

I enjoyed this activity because this was challenging. I need to improve on remembering to use my wrist to shoot if I am close to the hoop. I did well on shooting it into the hoop.

Shuttle Orbiter Quiz

I learned how to make a quiz.

First I had to plan out with my group on whos doing what. We had to see what order the questions go in for our quiz to be perfect to do. We also reasearched on the answers so were able to make sure that the answers are right, we were kinda struggling on trying to find the right answer.

Next we started to add all our planning stuff onto our quiz. I also needed to find out how to do coding for our quiz so I asked Mr Wong for help about how to code. After doing everything that was needed we tested the quiz for it to be good. After thinking its good we showed Mr Wong our quiz. At the end it needed a few fixs for it to be good.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to reasearch a lot about shuttle orbiters. I did well on my coding.

Treasure Hunt

I had to find things around my class for the summer learning joureny.

First I had to skimm and scann to find the keywords for the treasure hunt list. I had to find different things around the classroom. This task was quite easy because it was easy to find straight away.

Next I had to check if I had everything that is needed. After checking if everything is needed. I needed to lay out everything that is needed so I was able to take the photo. I took the photo after laying it all out.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do summer learning journey. I need to improve on checking if I everything because a photo even though did not have everything. I did well on finding everything quick.


I learned new things about Antarctica.

First I had to research how siences survive antarctica. I found out that they survive the Antarctic because they have stations and bases in Antarctica also having in them things that are needed to survive. 

Next I had to research how long Antarctica has had sunlight. I found out that Antarctica has six months of sunlight and has the other six months of darkness.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to learn new things. I need to improve on summarising. I did well on researching.


I learnt how to measure temperature.

First I had to go on a google doc and measure temperature with addition or subtraction. Then Mrs White asked us a question, the question she asked was can temperature go below.

Next I had to make a DLO to explain what is temperature. I also had to research where the hottest place on the planet and where the coldest place on earth.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to learn temperature. I need to improve on researching. I did well on my temperature answers.


I learned how to write my own story.

First I brainstormed ideas for my story.  I then made up a name for my story, the way I thinked of the name was because of the story, the name of the story I made up was the two brothers. I next wrote my explanation for my story. I wrote who that characters are and where is it happening.

Last I wrote my story about one brother being kidnapped and the other brother becomes a samurai so he can save his brother from the bandits.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to write my own story. I need to improve on if my sentence makes sense. I did well on brainstorming ideas.

Interactive Report

We were working on an interactive quiz.

First we planned everything out, everything and all the steps and who’s gonna do what.

Next we started looking for information. For example, like the users, the purpose, stakeholders and more information about the shuttle orbiter.

Lastly we added the answers and the wrong answer. Also all the links for them.

I enjoyed this because I got to make a quiz. I did well on making more questions. I need to improve on finding information and the answers.


Two Combined Transportation

I created a transportation vehicle which uses two different forms, seas and land. 

First I wrote the pros and cons about the first modern vehicle and the first ever vehicle for each transportation which are sea, land, air, and rail. The two transportation I combined was land and sea. The purpose of my transportation is to  be able to have a car that is able to land and then turn into a kind of a boat.

Next I had to label the parts of  my transportation vehicle. Also I wrote an explanation about my transportation vehicle.

Comment Thread

I revised comment threading.

First I revised the six things that are needed in a comment thread. The six things that are needed are a greeting, thoughtful comment, connection, more information, a question, and lastly a farewell. 

Next I need to reply to the comment that was on the blog post. The response is when the other person responds to the comment that was on the comments.

I enjoyed this activity because I revised how to comment threads again for cybersmart. I did well on my questions. I need to improve on remembering to use the six things.



I played games with the skills which are sprints.

The first game we played was an obstacle race. In the obstacle race there are cones, hurdles, star jumps, and skipping ropes. The aim of the game is to have the fastest time. The first obstacle I had to do was to go side to side for each cone. 

Next, Second obstacle for me was to do five star jumps. The third obstacle is to jump over the hurdles.  Then I had to just run to the next station which is the skipping ropes. I had to skip my way back to the start. The time I had was 26 seconds. 

Lastly, we played a game called infinity tag. In the game everyone was in, if you get that means you sit down, but if two people tag each other at the same time that means they have to do rock, paper, scissors. The loser has to sit down, the person who lost has to watch the person who tagged them so they can be able to stand back up if the person who tagged them is out.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to do sprints. I did well on tagging people in infinity tag. I need to improve on being faster and getting a faster time.