I learned synthesising. Synthesizing is using my prior knowledge to information that I have found out about. 

First I learned what synthesising means. We watched a video about The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. In the story it tells about the three brothers wanting to cross the bridge to go to the other side. They all agreed to go to the other side, it had lots of grass to eat. 

Next, each brother went one at a time, the order was youngest to oldest. When the youngest goat was crossing there was a big green goblin on the way to get to the other side. The youngest goat had an idea of tricking the green goblin. The youngest goat said “you should not eat me, I would not be a good meal to eat, ” he told the goblin that my middle brother will be crossing the bridge and he’s bigger than me”, he said that the middle brother would be a better meal than the smaller brother. 

After, the middle brother was crossing. The middle brother said his oldest brother would be a better meal to eat than me. So he let the middle goat cross the bridge. The oldest brother was also stopped by the green big goblin. The goblin said “stop there”. He wanted to eat the oldest brother but the oldest brother had no fear of the big ugly green goblin. So he used his horns to bump off the green goblin into the water. 

Last I synthesised that the biggest brother was brave to bump off the green goblin. My new information was always being brave is good for you to teach other people to be brave for things they need to take care of.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to learn synthesising. I enjoyed watching the story. I need to improve on my prior knowledge. 

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