Moko-Ika-Hikawaru Taniwha

L.I: To lear about te traditional history of the Tamaki River.

We hand drawed a taniwha. The taniwha we were hand drawing was Moko-Ika-Hikawaru.

In the history of the tamaki river there was a taniwha called Moko-Ika-Hikawaru. Moko-Ika-Hikawaru was from the Ngati Paoa Tribe. This taniwha had eight tails. After learning a little bit of the tangiwha we got some ideas on how our taniwha is gonna look like and where it is gonna be in the moment. After doing our taniwha we did our detail to make it look good.

I found this activity interesting and fun because I got learn a little about the history of the Tamaki River. Also it was fun because we got to hand draw the taniwha.

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