The Shoes Story

L.I To use the 5 senses and personification to help us paint a picture with words. To understand that personification is to give an inanimate object human qualities.

Our challenge was to co construct a text using personification and the senses to describe the story behind the shoes in this image. We sat back to back and weren’t able to talk and would have to either join our ideas on our doc or either switch our sentences up and change it. Half way through Mrs Anderson challenged us to include a rhetorical question and a simile or metaphor to the stories what what I added was only a rhetorical question.

Once we had completed this part of the challenge we joined together with another group to share our writing and make sure what we had written made sense.

After that part of the challenge was finished we used the punctuation points game to see what things I have. We marked anothers group punctuation after proof reading ours. We then had a chance to check our own work against the points table. That was fun because every point our partners missed menat we could take a point off theirs.

I found this activity interesting because we weren’t able to talk to our partner while writing our ideas.

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